Yacon Syrup Benefits

Yacon syrup is usually extracted by the digging the roots of that yacon plant. Being glucose free, yacon syrup is the best substitute for sugar. It helps to maintain the sugar levels. For those who suffer from diabetes, it is often recommended by doctors as a sweetener.

The main reason for doctors to recommended yacon syrup for diabetic people is its ability that doesn’t let it hit the bloodstream. Also, other people who don’t have diabetes can even take it for easy digestion. Yacon has its taste similar to molasses with a thick consistency. The syrup is best complimented with peanut or any other butter. In case, you are on a diet control, a bread slice with yacon syrup helps a lot.


Similar to yacon is agave syrup that is available in two varieties. However, yacon is more prominent among folks as a sweetener. Besides being a great substitute to sugar, the syrup also helps in weight loss. People wondering to cut down their extra calories can take the syrup for impressive results.

Yacon syrup is usually taken before or after meals. However, you may add one teaspoon of syrup in tea or coffee as a sweetener. Also, you may even use it in syrup, molasses, waffles, oatmeal or fruit. Syrup also brings relief to the people suffering from constipation problems since long. Regular intake of syrup helps in experiencing all its benefits. The syrup can be found in health stores or can also be purchased online.


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