Why Diets Don’t Work?

Why Diets Don’t Work? There are some people who enjoy following the most bizarre diets. It can be an interesting pastime to survive on pineapples and baked beans, or grapefruit and boiled eggs, for a few weeks. It is a wonderful conversation topic and a great hobby! It gets rid of the pounds before a holiday, before a wedding, or before a job interview. But it’s even better to get back to your old (eating) habits! The trouble with becoming a habitual dieter is that each time you try a new diet, the weight is more difficult to lose and the amount of weight gained between diets goes up.

So, what’s going wrong?


Intermittent dieting (especially on crash or very low-calorie diets of between 600 and 800 to 1000 calories a day), followed by a return to poor eating habits or over-eating, causes weight to yo-yo. This sort of on-off dieting is actually more dangerous to health than being slightly overweight all the time!

As many dieters know to their cost, crash diets cause the metabolic rate to drop in order to conserve energy as the body adapts to starvation conditions. Weight then tends to be regained more quickly as the body tries to replenish its energy stores – so dieters can end up heavier than before.

If a diet is not well balanced it can also leave you short of essential vitamins and minerals, putting you at risk of anaemia and other health problems. Diets that contain too little starchy food may force the body to burn its own protein (muscle) for energy, causing muscle wasting or even loss of heart muscle or damage to the kidneys.

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