Weight loss after giving birth

A pregnant woman’s weight naturally goes up during those nine months. The baby develops in the womb and accounts for a significant portion of the woman’s weight gain. She consumes more food than she normally would, since part of what she eats is used to nourish the developing fetus. Most women find that they start losing weight after pregnancy in a gradual process, since their eating habits get back to normal and the baby is out. However, a woman does not need so much of fat after childbirth. Its presence only alters the shape and size of her body. According to studies, postpartum weight leads to depression and lack of self-confidence in many cases.

If you belong to such a category of new moms, you must consider postpartum weight loss. You may consider it as something very difficult or near-to-impossible. You are right, but only to some extent. The fact is that you can easily come back to your pre-pregnancy weight and body size. You need to eat right and stay active, to assist nature to do it for you. You may find the postpartum weight loss process to be quite slow.

But you should not forget that rapid weight loss can severely affect your as well as your baby’s health. You need a balance of all the nutrients including fat, to breastfeed your child. You need to eat sufficiently enough to be energetic to play all the roles of a mom. Therefore, don’t be in a hurry to reduce your body size but follow some healthy ways to look great once again. Following is an attempt to give you a safe and surefooted postpartum weight loss program to help you get slim and in shape.


Postpartum Weight Loss Diet

After childbirth, you need to eat consciously to maintain regular milk formation and provide your body the necessary nutrients to stay healthy. You need to recover your body from the bruises, stress and strain that occurred during parturition. Taking these things into consideration, you should follow a balanced diet. This will provide you with all the nutrients necessary for your and your baby’s sound health. You need to have proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and even fat. Proteins are present in meat, beans, pulses and nuts. You will find carbohydrates in wholegrain breads, brown rice and potatoes. You will be able to meet your body’s requirement of fat from dairy products. Similarly, you will obtain vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetables. When you take all these nutrients in a balanced proportion, you will tend not to overeat, and thus gain weight. Also, drink lots of water, about 9-10 glasses , a day to increase the rate of your body’s metabolism in order to lose extra pounds.

Postpartum Weight Loss Exercise

Exercise has always been the best way to lose weight. Apart from weight loss, exercises relieve stress and tension. Because of these benefits, exercise seems a must for a new mom like you. However, it will good if you take your doctor’s consent before exercising. Do not rush to exercise till your doctor gives you a green signal for it. It will be even better if you go for those exercises that are recommended by your doctor. Such exercises are usually mild, low impact and do not require any special equipment. They are easy to perform and do not cause much strain on your body. Some examples of such exercises are walking, kegel exercise and yoga. Kegel exercises for women are especially recommended during postpartum as it strengthens the muscles of the vaginal wall. Yoga not only helps you lose weight but also relaxes you physically as well as mentally. This will help you in taking care of yourself and your baby in a better manner. Therefore, you must consider making it a part of your lifestyle.

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