Types Of Equestrian Sports

There are various interests of people related to horse riding. Some of them do it for mere pleasure while there are people who want to experience and explore every aspect related to the equestrian ride. There are a lot of things for those who love adventure and want to experiment with the different horse riding techniques. There is jumping, eventing, polo sporting and many other kinds of sports which can be enjoyed on the horse back.

In the Olympic Games, Equestrian sports have a significant place. It is one of the most fascinating sports in which the main attraction is chemistry between the rider and the horse. The thrill and excitement that are involved in these sports can make you feel the rush of adrenaline through your veins. The various types of sports related to horse riding are discussed in this article.

Eventing: This event is a combination of three phases-dresses, cross country and show jumping. All the three phases test the various ability of the horse like how trainable the horse is, its stamina, speed, accuracy, athleticism, control and accuracy.

Driving: Driving involves the driver to ride the horse connected with carriage along a fixed path. It is done with single horse, two horses and multiple horses. A number of obstacles are placed in the course to test the driver’s efficiency and obedience of horse.


Horse-ball: It is a sport similar to rugby or basketball. Here two teams are competing with each other. They have to throw and pass the ball on horse back with the aim of putting the ball through the net and scoring points.

Polocrosse: This is a very exciting Equestrian sport which is intended for every age group. It is very similar to lacrosse. The team of six riders is divided into the group of three. Riders use a stick with a racket head to which a net is attached. They have to catch a soft ball through the stick and shoot it into the goal.


Vaulting: Vaulting is a kind of gymnastics on the horse back. Here the horse mover in a 15 meter circle and the rider performs various kinds of exercises and martial arts using various equipments.

Mounted games: This Equestrian sport showcases the rider’s athletic ability, horsemanship, skills, agility, and control. The sport requires riders to pass through a number of obstacles and the one performing best will be the winner.


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