Try six yoga poses

If you fancy trying out yoga but don’t have the time to make it to a class, or you practice yoga and just want a simple sequence of moves to follow when you have some time to spare, read on. Devised by personal trainer Jane Wake, this easy-to-follow routine will have you feeling refreshed, revitalized and flexible in no time!

Walk around for five to 10 minutes to get your body moving before you start the following sequence. Use your breath to focus, and stay centred and warm. Always hold a strong spine, connecting to your deep abdominals all the time. Go through each pose with three to four slow breaths, once through on each side.

A) Standing hip release balancing on your left leg. Take a couple of breaths to stabilise and centre yourself first. Then cross your right ankle over your left thigh, draw in through your abdomen, take a breath and slowly sit back to stretch into your right hip and bum.


B) Lower, rolling the spine, into downward dog. Place your arms shoulder-width apart and far enough in front to enable you to release back, aiming to bring your weight into your heels. Relax your head in line with your shoulders. Stay strong in your shoulders, keeping them down away from your neck. Aim to lift your hips, lengthen your spine and drop your heels. If you find this hard at first, bend your knees slightly.


C) Lunge. Step forward with your left leg into a lunge position, toes in line with hands, knee in line with ankle. Focus on pushing your hips through, lengthening out the front of the hip joint – think of pressing your pelvis forward.


D) Lift up from your lunged position, to bring your arms above your head. Extend through the back (right) leg, bringing your toes forward so that your heel is angled out at 45 1/4. Extend and lengthen arms, draw in through your torso and keep your shoulders down.


E) Move into Warrior II by lengthening your arms to the side, parallel with shoulders, face looking forward. Work on opening out from the hips and lifting the knees to keep your legs strong.


F) Move into triangle pose, use a block or pile of books to rest your hand if you can’t reach to the floor. Start with your left (front leg) bent, look up to your right, keep pulling up through your legs, opening the hips, and if you can, start to extend through the left leg, lifting your right hip to the ceiling. Lift back up into Warrior ii, look to the front, step back with the left foot and repeat the whole sequence on the other side.


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