The mind dynamics for peak performance

Every morning when you wake up you have the power to choose your thoughts and decisions for the day – your attitude, your diet, your exercise routine, who you spend time with, etc. These decisions shape your destiny and create the world you live in, and it is vital you understand that winning or losing is a process that can be learnt and inserted into our blueprint.

Let’s test this right now. I want you right now, to scream out loud with passion and belief that you are a winner, that you are unstoppable, and that you love life to the fullest. Then stop and notice how you feel.

Your winning thoughts spoken out loud with pure ambition and emotion will produce feel good chemicals in the body and a new attitude that can create a new reality way beyond what you have ever imagined or dreamed of.

This being the case, then what do you think about all day long? Are you a peak performer physically as well as mentally, because you must be a top performer in both of these arenas for real results. We must have our body and mind in sync.


Can you imagine a perfectly shaped Ferrari with the body in mint condition and a motor that is neglected, never serviced and ready to blow up? Unfortunately that is what a lot of humans are focusing on in life – great bodies with thoughts and choices of destruction. This will sadly only lead your vehicle to eventual crash and burn!

So, when was the last time you serviced your mental engine? What have you done for the central intelligence motor that drives your vehicle (the human body) all day long, have you fed it with the best thoughts and fuel, with powerful chemicals to allow your body and mind to be a perfect fit?

The good news is you can start right now to feed your mind with explosive reps and sets of linguistic magic that can enable you to win more oft en in all areas of your life.

While you train and work what you are thinking about can affect your workout, your growth, your job, your family, and your overall performance.

You have the discipline already in your physical world with your training, so now do the same with your winning thought patterns of ultimate success, in your workout diary. Write in your diary what you’ll be thinking about while you’re training, and train your body and your mind at the same time for a shock to the system that will produce new and powerful results.

Talk to yourself while you train in a manner that motivates and inspires you to push harder. Make sure the self-talk is in a manner that puts your mind in superhuman mode for results that can have you fl ying on all levels both inside and outside of your well craft ed machine – your body.

A lot of athletes’ workout with music in their ears listening to words that others are communicating that has no relevance to them; they are literally switching off their brain while they train. Instead, try listening to motivational speakers /sounds that program your subconscious and thoughts with fresh new ideas and opportunities.

You feed your body with the best nutrients for it to grow – organic, untouched, and the healthiest produce on the planet. You should also have a plan to feed your thoughts with the same – fresh ideas that can have you sharper, smarter, quicker at everything you touch and attempt, leaving no room for error or accidents.

We are all time poor today, so why not include some mind dynamics/gymnastics into your next workout that not only has you looking good but also has you thinking well. Winners win all the time, it is a habit. But so is losing, so if you have to make a decision in your life, why not make the winning decision to create a mindset and the pure positive attitude of a champion.


– Plan your workout 10 minutes before you begin. Go over in your mind what you will be thinking about while you are sweating it out. Place the power here, in your head rather than hearing a boring song while you workout.
– Choose a theme for each workout that your mind will be focusing on. For example, in today’s session focus on the promotion that you want at work, tomorrow think about finding your soul mate, then think about the new car you’re about to purchase, make the theme about the dream!
– Create your own self-talk audio recording on your iPod that discusses all your goals you would like to achieve in the next month. Now turn that baby up loud and hear all your goals while you train; this will give you an extra energy boost (without any supplements) as it is raw information written by you for you.
– Get your children/family or partner involved in your thought patterns while you train. Nothing motivates the human race more than love. Think about how this workout is making you healthier, which in turn will allow you to live longer and spend more time with those you love. (A great tip is to get your children to make an audio recording that you can listen to, with their sweet voice telling you to train harder as they love you – you will have the best workout ever if you replay this over and over during your session).
– Listen to audio books while you train, this way you get educated and smarter at the same time you are getting fitter and stronger.

(Written by Jacob Galea)

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