The Lap Swimming

The Lap Swimming – A lap pool is a swimming pool that is designed specifically for the purpose of swimming laps. It may also be called an exercise or personal pool, because it is usually intended for the use of one person who wants to use swimming to stay fit.

Most people already know that swimming is a great way to exercise. The most people would agree that it’s also fun. So, why don’t more people do it? Well, for starters, not everyone has the finances or the space to put a pool in their back yard. However with a lap pool, both space and money become less of an issue.

Whether you’re talking about a full size lap pool, or a smaller five foot version where you swim against a current, the fitness benefits cannot be denied. And chances are this is the one piece of exercise equipment you will use at every opportunity. Best of all, it can provide an almost perfect workout.

The most obvious benefit is to your heart. Lap swimming provides a great cardiovascular workout. Your heart rate goes up much like it does while jogging on a treadmill, around a track or through the neighborhood. Two good things happen here. You increase your endurance and heart health while at the same time burning calories to help you stay trim.

lap swimming

And while running is good, swimming is better for one big reason. When you’re done swimming you don’t have to worry about aching knees or feet. The water is low impact, which means there’s no constant pounding on your joints. The health benefits are the same or better, and you eliminate the aches and pains.

Perhaps you’re looking to increase your strength as well as your overall health. Lap swimming does this also because the water provides resistance. It’s the same principle as weight lifting. The weights provide resistance. The only difference is with weights you control the amount of resistance. But in both cases, the resistance will tone your muscles. Olympic athletes realize this and many make swimming a regular part of their exercise program. You can too.

If you go with one of the small models where you swim against a stream of jets, you can probably find room in your home. An indoor lap pool means you won’t have to worry if it’s cold or raining, you can still get your exercise every day.


Indoor lap pool design

If you should decide on a full length pool placed in ground and in your backyard, you’re not only getting a place to exercise, but a place to entertain as well. Get an above ground pool and you’ll likely be able to take it with you if you decide to move. Most of them are easily portable. And because of their size, they are relatively easy to maintain and keep clean. Not only do they cost less to get, they cost less to run as well.

What exactly do you want from your lap swimming? Chances are you want a cardiovascular workout to burn calories, but one that won’t hurt your joints because it’s low impact. You also want to tone your muscles and increase your strength through resistance training. A lap pool will do all of the above. Add in the fact that it’s low maintenance, doesn’t cost too much, is attractive and can fit just about anywhere, and you have exactly what you need.

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