The Health Benefits Of Garlic

The health benefits of garlic and the other medicinal properties have been widely studied. Garlic is one of the best herbs when it comes to its medicinal properties. It has several health benefits for a person. It can also fight a range of diseases and conditions. Garlic has been known for its health benefits since ancient times. It can treat so many infections in the body right from the common cold to cough and bronchitis. It was also helpful in curing plague actually.

Raw garlic can also be used to treat common problems like cane and pimples. Eating two to three pods of raw garlic every single day will help to keep the cholesterol levels in control in our body. It can also fight high blood pressure and lower it considerably. All this can be done just by having a few garlic pods is a part of your everyday diet.

Some of the other health benefits of garlic pods are that we can use them to cure small infections like pin worms and other kinds of worm. You can have a few garlic pods along with warm water in the morning and it acts as a deforming medication for you.


Garlic contains several powerful antioxidants — compounds that prevent oxidation, a harmful process in the body. One of them is selenium, a mineral that is a component of glutathione peroxidase, a powerful antioxidant that the body makes to defend itself. Glutathione peroxidase works with vitamin E to form a superantioxidant defense system.

Other antioxidants in garlic include vitamin C, which helps reduce the damage that LDL cholesterol can cause, and quercetin, a phytochemical. (Phytochemicals are chemical substances found in plants that may have health benefits for people.)

Garlic also has trace amounts of the mineral manganese, which is an important component of an antioxidant enzyme called superoxide dismutase.


Research suggests that garlic can help make small improvements in blood pressure by increasing the blood flow to the capillaries, which are the tiniest blood vessels. The chemicals in garlic achieve this by causing the capillary walls to open wider and reducing the ability of blood platelets to stick together and cause blockages. Garlic seems to deserve a spot on the battlefield in the fight against heart disease. Even if its lipid-lowering abilities are less extensive than once thought, it appears that garlic’s antioxidant ability helps protect arteries from plaque formation and eventual blockage. Because garlic also appears to increase the nitric oxide in vessels and lower your blood pressure, it becomes even more valuable.

Garlic can fight so many conditions because of the high sulfur content in it. Even if you take medications for your infections, they usually have the chemical sulfur compounds. It is available ion plenty in garlic in the natural form. Garlic supplements can improve appetite and also keep you from gaining unnecessary weight. Garlic is also known as a natural antibiotic, and it can bring fever down by fighting the viruses or bacteria in the body.

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