Taking Nutritional Supplements

Taking Nutritional Supplements – Nutritional supplements aid the body in performing many vital functions. However, it is advisable that you gauge your requirements and other essentials before including these supplements in your diet.

In this regard you should look to arrive at answers to some essential questions which will help you in arriving at an effective plan. Some of these questions are:

It has been found that most people start consuming supplements based on irrational assumptions. This effectively results in consuming these supplements even if they do not need them.

In order to avoid committing this mistake you should evaluate the following factors, before you start taking nutritional supplements:

– Are you above 50? Does your diet exclude fortified food items, like fortified breakfast cereals? If the answer to both these questions is yes then you should include a Vitamin-B supplement in your diet.


– In case you are a woman of childbearing age or are an adolescent girl your diet should include food items rich in heme-iron, like meat. They should also eat or iron rich plant foods like cooked dry beans or spinach. If this is not the case you should opt for an iron and in some case a vitamin-C supplement.

– In case you are a pregnant woman or are planning to conceive, your diet should include fortified food items, which are a rich source of folic acid. Include an iron based supplement in your diet if this is not the case.

– In case you are an adult and have a dark skin and do not get sufficient exposure to sunlight should opt for a Vitamin-D supplement.

The other questions that you should discuss with your doctor in order to arrive at a conclusion that whether or not you need a nutritional supplement are:

– Do you eat fewer than 2 meals in a day? If yes then in all probability your body is not getting the prescribed levels of nutrients and you may be asked to add a supplement to your diet.


– Are you on a restricted diet? If you are a vegetarian or vegan, then your body may be devoid of essential nutrients and you may need a supplement.

– Have you gained or lost more than 10 pounds in the last six months or so? If yes, then it is essential that you should opt for nutrition supplements.

– Do you take 3-or more over-the counter medicines a day? If this is the case then you may need certain supplements in order to negate the negative impact of such medication.

– Always consult your doctor before starting to consume these supplements on a daily basis. This is highly advisable even in case you are a healthy individual.

– Conduct a detailed research while overviewing different vitamins and minerals. This will prepare ground for discussion with your doctor regarding whether or not you should be taking these supplements.

Evaluating the above factors will help you in arriving at a final conclusion and will also prove to be of help while arriving at an effective plan.

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