Relaxing break with Sun Breath exercise

Whether you’re up to your ears with shopping, working, visiting or hosting, you’ll enjoy this season more if you’re relaxed and aware. It’s easy to get caught up in the busy-ness, become stressed and miss the fun.

Give yourself a relaxing break with this Sun Breath exercise. This simple move will work for you in multiple ways:

You’ll increase your circulation, bringing in energizing oxygen and releasing deadening carbon dioxide; you’ll also activate your parasympathetic nervous system, releasing neurotransmitters that create feelings of calm and also lowering your blood pressure, your breath rate, even allowing more blood to flow to your digestive system. Plus, Sun Breath can help release shoulder and neck tension, no matter if you’re tense from highway miles, airplane delays, shopping, social obligations or, well, you have your own list!

Your prescription: Eight to ten repetitions, timed as follows: Upon awakening, before bed; before shopping, after shopping; before a party; during holiday baking; anytime you need a break.


Sun Breath

Begin standing, arms down by your sides. Take a few breaths to center yourself. Feel yourself standing on the floor; notice your body. As you inhale lengthen the spine and as you exhale relax your shoulders down your back. After a few centering breaths, exhale then raise your arms directly out to your side and then up overhead as you inhale. When your fingertips touch, join the palms over your head and turn your gaze to look upwards. Relax the shoulders and pause to hold the breath in. As you exhale, slowly lower your hands to your sides, coordinating the full release of the exhalation with the contact of arms to your sides. Repeat again with the inhalation, arms moving upward, creating a flow of breath and movement. Allow your awareness to be absorbed by the sound of your breath and the movement of your arms. Experiment with moving at half the speed. Notice your feet on the floor connecting to the earth while you lengthen towards the sky. Continue for several minutes, completing at least eight repetitions. When complete allow the eyes to close and notice your body and your breath as you take in the moment.


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