Prevent The Risk Of Obesity

Obesity has become a disturbing epidemic in almost all the countries. The fact that people tend to live with the fasting moving mechanical way of life remains a strong reason in the list. As the standards of lives force both men and women to work, attention and care give to family health and routine diet is becoming a matter of huge importance. As a result, people opt for eating what ever can be prepared fast, they also make their younger generation to follow their own style of eating.

Secondly, though media and government come up with the seriousness of the diet oriented issues like obesity, people are still not completely turned towards a strict living system.

Thirdly, the increasing fast food restaurants and ready made foods seem to remain the greater part of attraction for most of the people who in turn sought to spend very little time to eat and rest.

The factors mentioned above affect the future generation to a great extent. Obesity is found to be the result of imbalanced diet, irregular food habit and less physical work. Those who are accostomed with a less physical activity are at high risks to become obese. Particularly for house wives who need to spend most of their time at home are prone to become obese unless they remain strict with their diet and exercises.


Working women on the other hand, should include cooking at home as a routine habit so that they can take care of the family’s whole health. They can plan for a whole week while they remain at home on weekends. They can prepare food according to the diet chart which they should organize at home itself.

Housewives are at a greater advantage, though they are at risk of becoming obese they have the opportunity to implement the balanced diet in their children and other members of their family.


Some tips to prevent the risk of obesity as well as control obesity:

– Diets to be followed

– Cook green vegetables and make at least two choice of vegetables per day

– Reduce food items which has more carbohydrates

– Add foods which has more fiber content in it

– Practice regular excercise

– At least do walking for 30 minutes daily

– Use skimmed milk

– Reduce oil in cooking

– Reduce meat items

– Reduce creamy eatables.

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