Nordic Diet Benefits

Nordic Diet Benefits – Northern countries have invested much time and energy researching the benefits of this diet for their citizens. But interestingly, they may do better looking a bit closer to home: recent findings from scientists in northern Europe suggest that foods from Scandinavian countries can provide a more convenient alternative for those not living in warmer climates. For example, research from the University of Agder, Norway, has shown that native berries from northern Europe such as blueberries, cowberries and cloudberries contain as much unsaturated omega-3 fatty acids as fish per unit of energy and that these berries are rich in antioxidants, key for preventing heart disease, stroke and cancer.

And look out olive oil: rapeseed oil has been found to be a good alternative containing more omega-3 fatty acids and being a good source of vitamin E.

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In addition, cabbage and other brassica species such a kale and Brussels sprouts, have been found by scientists to contain some of the highest levels of antioxidants of any vegetable and are a good source of vitamin K, important for proper blood coagulation. Traditional Nordic diets are also been high in fish, as in the Mediterranean, with particular preference for salmon, trout, cod and herring and scientist also see a place for the game meat from animals such as elk and reindeer, and birds such as grouse, which are leaner than farm-reared livestock.

Day 1

Breakfast: 2 slices of rye-bread with 0,04 lb butter, 2 slices cheese, one tomato snack: 0,4 lb mixed fruit (berries only) Lunch: Carrot cream soup, 0,6 lb stewed fish, three potatoes boiled in their skin, 3 tbsp blueberry sauce. Snack: 2 fresh carrot Dinner: 0,6 lb grilled fish with one cup mixed salad, cheese.

Day 2

Breakfast: two slices of whole-grain bread, 0,04 lb butter, two tomatoes, two slices of lean ham. Snack: almonds and 15 half walnuts. Lunch: Tomato soup, 0,6 lb grilled fish, one cup grilled vegetables, half cup of warm dill sauce. Snack: One cup sliced red beet and carrots. Dinner: 0,2 lb fish paste, half slicing cucumber, one tomato and two sl. rye-bread.

Day 3

Breakfast: Two scrambled eggs, two slices of rye-toast. Snack: A handful of sun-dried blueberries, a half handful of almonds. Lunch: 0,6 lb grilled chicken breast, one cup of stewed vegetables, half cup of raspberry sauce. Snack: Two carrots. Dinner: 0,6 lb cottage cheese with parsley, two slices of rye-brad and two slices of lean ham, two tomatoes.

Day 4

Breakfast: One cup gruel with mixed berries. Snack: Two slices of puffed grain snack with veggie paste. Lunch: 0,6 lb fish with a broccoli, courgette and paprika and one cup of stewed rice. Snack: Half cucumber with dilled yogurt. Dinner: 0,6 lb grilled chicken, one cup blueberry sauce, two potatoes boiled in their skin.

Day 5

Breakfast: Two boiled eggs, one tomato, two slices of rye-bread with cheese. Snack: A handful of walnuts and 0,2 lb berries. Lunch: Cream of celery soup, 0,2 lb grilled salmon, one cup stewed rice, half cup of blueberry sauce. Snack: Organic yogurt and a half handful of berries. Dinner: 0,6 lb stewed chicken breast, one cup dilled yogurt, one cup of stewed Brussels sprouts.

Day 6

Breakfast: Two slices of rye-bread, two slices of lean ham, 0,04 lb butter, one tomato. Snack: Organic yogurt with a half handful of berries. Lunch: 0,6 lb roast fish, a cup of brown rice, half cup of tomato sauce. Snack: Three oat biscuits, a handful of blueberries. Dinner: 0,6 lb grilled fish, one cup fresh salad, low-fat cheese.

Day 7

Breakfast: One cup gruel with mixed berries. Snack: Two slices of puffed grain snack with cottage cheese. Lunch: Cream of broccoli soup, 0,6 lb salmon steak, one cup of stewed veggies. Snack: One raw kohlrabi with dilled yogurt. Dinner: One cup of fish-salad with lemon, two slices of rye-bread.


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