Moving Your Exercise Outdoors

Moving Your Exercise Outdoors – Outside workouts provide a variety of benefits you can’t get working out in the gym. In addition to saving money, exercising in a natural environment can elevate your mood and help you maintain a more consistent fitness routine. In this article you’ll discover the many health advantages of moving your exercise outdoors.

Outside workouts increase your energy, improve your mood and help you stay consistent with your fitness program. Whether you enjoy running, cycling, hiking or you’re just looking to stay fit consider moving your exercise outdoors where you can have fun and breath easy.

Mental health benefits

It simply feels good to get outside at times, doesn’t it? Two separate studies by the University of Essex found that outside activity can have a positive influence on your sense of well being, mood and happiness.


One study identified that activity in a green natural environment enhanced the mood and self esteem of both men and women. In another that outside workouts decreased tension and feelings of depression while increasing energy and sense of well being when compared with exercising inside.

This may explain ‘cabin fever’ and the feelings of depression many people get throughout the winter months when they feel trapped inside. In contrast many of us who enjoy winter activities like skiing, sledding, snow shoeing or fishing enjoy winter and even look forward to it.


Air quality

Breathing crisp clean air allows you to feel energized, invigorated and delivers the oxygen you need for top performance. Exercising inside where the air may be stagnant and not properly ventilated may be unhealthy. Volatile organic compounds and other toxins are, sadly, common in many indoor areas. In fact, the EPA has performed numerous studies on indoor air quality and estimates that the air inside may be twice as polluted as outside air.

More consistent routine

The greatest benefit you find with outside workouts is that you look forward to them. The natural environment provides so much more to stimulate and engage your senses. While on a hike, walk or run you may hear birds chirping, discover leaves blowing in the wind and feel the warmth of the sun. When your exercise routine is stimulating and fun, you anticipate it and you’re more apt to stick with it.


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