Motivation For Beginning Runners

If you are a beginning runner, here are a few tips to help keep you motivated. A beginning running program needs to be slow, easy, progressive, and hopefully enjoyable. Remember, the more out of shape you are, the more uncomfortable exercise is going to be, unless you keep the intensity low. If you cannot walk 3.5 miles in an hour, you are not ready to start jogging.

Buy some nice gear. Good shoes and comfortable gear might be something you look forward to using on a regular basis.

Involve the family. Family fitness is an awesome motivator for parents.

Involve others. It does help some to workout with others. Most of the time you could be alone, but the tough workouts like long runs or intervals are best done in groups.

Get a dog. It’s the best to taking dogs out for those easy morning runs.

Establish a routine by running at the same time of day often.


Learn. Read, go to workshops, attend lectures, and do what you can do find out what others do to make them successful.

Variety. Run different routes, maybe change up the pace once in a while. Cross training may keep you from burning out on running.

Patience! Many give up after a short time because they do not see results. You have to stick with it and give your body a chance to adapt.


Think positive! What would happen if you told yourself 50 times a day, I cannot wait to get in shape! After about a week, you would have a much better outlook on working out.

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