Liver Spots: Causes And Remedies For Its Removal

Liver Spots: Causes And Remedies For Its Removal – Liver spots are collections of pigment caused by exposure to the sun and sometimes it also result from bruising that leaves blood pigment behind. It is also known as age spots and is extremely common in people after the age of 55. Most commonly it occurs on the back of hand or forehead. Liver spots are change in skin color associated with older skin. The increase in pigmentation may be caused by several reasons such as aging, exposure to sun, UV light or other unknown causes. Liver spots are harmless and painless but affect the cosmetic appearance. With age they tend to increase in number and are more prominent in fair skinned people.

It is called as liver spots since this spot is of liver color that is dark red or brown in color. As this disease is quite common in the elderly people there are various treatments available for the removal of liver spots.


Sun avoidance and use of good sunscreen protection helps in the removal of liver spots. There are various easy treatments available for the removal of liver spots as these are located at the outermost layer of the skin. Laser treatment are better option of liver spots removal as these are more precise and cause less damage to the skin because light is used to selectively remove the pigment without damaging the surrounding skin of the spot. If one is suffering from lighter liver spots, or he want to treat one or two areas of liver spots, he may want some homely treatment for his problem.

Application of acidic fruit juice, like that found in lemons helps to reduce the appearance of liver spots. The same results can be observed with the application of raw slices of acidic fruit to the skin. To get the best results one must follow this procedure daily until the desired results are achieved. Another treatment that can be carried out at home is the application of an over-the-counter spot fading cream. These creams are available at the beauty section stores and work by bleaching the skin until it lightens to a color that better matches the surrounding skin.


For darker liver spots, or to treat a large number of liver spots, one may seek the help of a dermatologist. Various medical treatments available for the removal of liver spots include acid peels, application of liquid nitrogen, application of a prescription topical antioxidant cream etc. Acid peels and liquid nitrogen work by removing the top layer of skin where the majority of concentrated melanin is present. These treatments work relatively quickly but the risk of returning discoloration is always possible. Antioxidant creams, however, take a little longer to work but the results seems to last longer.

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