Lifecoach: Warning Signs Of Stress

It is very important to understand and detect the early warning signs of depression early. This is because the sooner you treat depression the better. Early treatment will prevent the disease from getting worse. Sometimes depression seems to creep up on you without you really being aware of it. You suddenly realize that you have a different outlook on life and you are not quite sure why. The zest for living seems to have vanished from your life, living you with an empty sad feeling.

A deep feeling of sadness is one of the first symptoms you notice with depression. If you cannot put your finger on the cause then you should really think about what is going on with you and look within. When you do this you will probably find more symptoms of depression.

Lack of concentration and inability to think as well as you should, can also be one of the first symptoms. Sometimes this can be due to external problems like stress or lack of sleep but sometimes this is all related tone problem, depression.

Changes in sleep patterns, sleeping too much or too little; when you notice changes in sleep patterns this is one way your body can alert you to the fact that your body and possibly your mental prowess is getting out of balance. This will also give rise to other symptoms of depression.


Lethargy: again this can be due to lack of sleep or growing depression. When you find yourself wanting to sleep more and still lacking in energy, this is a sure sign that something must be wrong. Again listen to what your body is trying to tell you.

A feeling that you do not want to be with anyone: anti-social behavior is common with any sort of mental problem but it is especially prevalent with depression. You start to feel useless and often have bouts of guilt for no apparent reason. This can worsen into suicidal feeling so be careful to get medical treatment fast.


A disinterest in things you used to like to do. You do not seem to be interested in anything. This is surprising as you used to do things and enjoy sharing activities with friends and family. Now it just seems that you spend more and more time alone in your world of despair and never go out or do anything. It is important to get treatment before you find yourself unable to meet anyone or do anything.

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