How Does Sleeping Help Your Fitness?

How Does Sleeping Help Your Fitness? – Do you know that feeling when you don’t get enough sleep? You may feel like your head is all foggy, which is the opposite of a clear head that is focused. Do you feel like running eight miles or would you rather take a nap? Okay, did a nap just sound yummy to you? Then maybe you didn’t get enough sleep last night!

Everyone has a different internal clock. You may know how many hours you can sleep to get by and how many hours you need to have a really energetic day. This is great knowledge to learn about yourself so you can judge how many hours of sleep your body needs to function at its optimal best.

When you don’t get enough sleep, your hunger indicator is off. You feel sick to stomach and only want to eat comfort food. Sometimes you can feel overly hungry. Our bodies can get confused when sleep is deprived. Making sure you get enough sleep, helps you to have the energy to exercise and a clear head to make good food choices.


How does sleeping help your fitness?

1. Your mind and head are more clear and focused when you sleep the hours you need. You have more control over your emotions and decisions.

2. Your body needs adequate rest so that the days are filled with energy, productivity, and vitality. You can accomplish more when you had a good night’s sleep.

3. Sleeping well every night can help you live longer. Your organs get rest from working hard all day and this can help them last longer because they were able to rest.


4. Inflammation can subside when you the rest at night that you need. This is good news when you are exercising and get sore.

5. Sleep helps your body to relax to reduce stress. Stress can add to belly fat when it isn’t managed well.

For a better mind and physical health, you need to make sure you are getting enough hours at night of rest. Your body will be happier to do what you need it to do during the day if you give it a break at night.

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