Healthy Diet: How To Lose Weight With Banana Diet

Bananas have been around forever, but it is only recently that they became a weight loss craze. Banana is the greatest remedy for curing gastrointestinal tract diseases; moreover this exotic fruit is rich in vitamins, microelements, dietary fiber and natural sugar. As you know all these substances are essential for normal work of our organism. Despite its calorie content, banana is considered to be dietary, as it contains little fat.

The supposedly miraculous banana diet sprung up in Japan, thanks to its endorsement by a local celebrity, and from there it has rapidly spread around the world. Overweight people are munching bananas by the dozen, hoping to shed those pounds as quickly as they throw the peels away. Let’s examine whether the banana diet will actually help you lose weight fast.

The Banana Diet Fad

One of the greatest appeals of the banana diet is its incredible convenience. After having a mandatory breakfast of fresh bananas and water, you can then eat whatever you want the rest of the day, provided you have a banana before every meal, eat dinner by 8 pm, have no dessert after dinner, and avoid alcohol and all other drinks (except water), ice-cream and dairy products. That is all you need to do in order to lose weight rapidly, according to dietitian Hitoshi and Sumiko Watanabe. You are even allowed a sweet snack in the afternoon.


The Reality

It sounds great, but the bubble needs to be burst: there are no weight loss miracles, and bananas have no secret weight loss properties. To lose weight, you cannot escape from the simple formula – you need to burn more calories than you consume.

The Benefits of Bananas

Bananas, like most other fruits, have excellent nutritive value and form a healthy component of an overall weight loss diet. They are an excellent source of energy and because of the prevalence of dietary fiber, they will leave you feeling full and prevent you from overeating. They are also a rich source of potassium and Vitamin B6, two vital micro-nutrients. However, a banana-rich diet has no special weight loss benefits.


Limitations of the Banana Diet

If you eat calorie-rich and unhealthy foods, you may have all the bananas you want, but you will not shed those pounds. Also, bananas do not offer you any protein, a vital nutrient to begin your day with. Without any protein, a purely banana breakfast will not leave you feeling full or satiated. You will feel hungry in quick time, unless you supplement your breakfast with eggs, lean meat, some form of dairy product or beans.

The Diet Solution

Science has also demonstrated that very specialized and drastic diets do not work as effective long-term weight loss solutions. To get rid of your excess weight consistently and then maintain a healthy weight, you need to make sustainable and healthy lifestyle changes, including incorporating some amount of exercise into your routine.


The Verdict

Have bananas by all means, as long as you are not expecting any miracle! You may think that the banana diet consists of eating just bananas all day. Wrong! Obviously that isn’t very practical or smart. If you blend your bananas with low-fat yogurt and ice, you get a very tasteful smoothie, and this is an excellent breakfast food, being rich in both lean protein and healthy carbohydrates. A banana is also an excellent workout snack, because of the instant energy it offers.

If you want to lose weight fast and achieve better health, try to take in a combination of fresh fruits rather than emphasizing on bananas alone. Different color fruits offer different health benefits, while all of them are effective ingredients of a weight loss diet. Nevertheless banana diet advantages are absolutely obvious. Besides body detoxification you would boost your metabolism rate and therefore become slender and healthier.

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