Healthier Cooking With Vegetables And Fruit

Healthier Cooking With Vegetables And Fruit – Vegetables and fruit are excellent sources of vitamins and minerals. To make sure they remain as nutritious as possible, try to shop for fresh produce every few days and store it in a cool dark place, or in the fridge. 

Prepare vegetables and fruit as close to cooking / eating as possible and avoid soaking them in water for long periods. 

Don’t chop fruit or vegetables too small because that exposes more surfaces to nutrient loss. 

Tear the leaves of green leafy vegetables, rather than cutting them with a knife. 


Dress cut vegetables and fruit in lemon juice to prevent vitamin C loss by oxidation. 

Whenever you can, use vegetables unpeeled to retain the vitamins and minerals that are just under the skin, and the fiber in the skin. 

Cook them for the shortest time possible and in the minimum amount of water. Use water in which vegetables have been cooked for soups, sauces and so on because cooking doesn’t destroy minerals (as it does vitamins) – they just leach out into the cooking water.

Add vegetables to boiling water. Better still, steam or microwave them or use a waterless cooker, available from specialist cook shops. 


If you are preparing vegetables for a dish, instead of sautéing them, ‘sweat’ them in a covered pan where they will cook in their own juices. 

Use puréed vegetables and fruits to thicken savory and sweet sauces instead of egg yolks, cream or a roux (flour and fat paste).

Enjoy in your healthier cooking with vegetables and fruit!


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