Gym Gloves

Gym gloves are an inevitable part during workouts and have simply become a necessity. And hence using them has got its own advantages. Usually the gloves are primarily used for two purposes when doing weight lifting. One is to protect the hand from the prevention of calluses and the other being wrist support.

Most of the well experienced weight lifters use them and also recommend it because they are termed good for preventing with some amount of disdain. Most of the weightlifting gloves are designed to give the hands and wrists protection from potentially serious conditions associated with lifting heavier weights.

Majority of the exercises can have negative effects on your wrists. They are certain type of exercises that force the hand backwards, and encourage letting a bar rest on the upper part of your palm. Through this there can be a resultant bone-on-bone contact in the back of your wrists that can lead to joint deterioration and pain when performing particular type of exercises. Many of the wrist injuries from such exercises as bench presses and shoulder presses can carry over to most bicep and back exercises. Hence, making it difficult to curl bars or dumbbells and having a proper workout gloves will help in avoiding those types of injuries. The pressure is felt more when the bar is resting on the meatier section of the hand, above the thumb. So, this negates the bone-on-bone contact associated with these exercises, but can lead to joint pain in the thumb and lower wrist with heavier weights.


The weightlifting gloves helps in improving your grip on weights as it is often seen that the hands get sweaty during a workout. As a result of that there is chance that the equipment might slip out of hand. By the use of gloves one can get a firmer grip. This will be really troublesome if you are doing pull ups and keep falling off the bar. At times it is also very much dangerous if you are holding heavy weights over your body. Weightlifting gloves make workouts safer.

It has been seen that if weights are lifted over a long period of time you will find calluses and blisters appearing on the palms if gym gloves are not used. Those who wish to keep these things away should use such kind of gloves to preserve the appearance of their hands.

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