Finding And Improving Your True Form

Finding And Improving Your True Form – Try these following steps:

Step 1: Confront Your Body

Go on, be brave. Strip to your underwear, stand in front of a mirror and have a good look at your body. Take your time and be tough but realistic. You may have disliked your thighs since you were 16 – and they will probably never be those of a supermodel – but if you look hard enough you might just find that they are not as bad as you have always thought they were, and that improving them is not going to be that hard after all.


Step 2: Put Your Complaints In Writing

Note down all the things that irk you (and that you can do something about) as well as those that you like or do not mind. Then go through your list of dislikes, ticking the things that you really want to do something about. Also, make a mental note to start appreciating your good points: the more you focus on them the less you will notice the not-so-good zones.

Step 3: Action Checklist

Now, add a set of action points under the problem zones you have listed. If you want to firm up your arms for that sleeveless sundress you have been unable to wear for a decade of summers, make notes like this:

Flabby Upper Arms

– Do Basic Exercises

– Check Diet

– Exfoliate/Moisturize.

Finally, add your goal(s) and your deadline to the top of the list and put it somewhere where you are going to see it frequently.

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