Exercises To Strengthen Your Arms

Our hands and arms are perhaps one of the most overworked voluntary muscles of our body. We use them to write, type on the keyboard, hold up a book, mix ingredients, cradle the baby and lift things, among others. With weak arms, it’s easy for objects to fall or break.

It’s also equally simple for us to strain or injure ourselves in the process. That is why it’s important to strengthen you arms.

The following routines should help you get started:

1. Do a biceps curl with lateral rotation to workout your biceps (of course). This gives it a longer, less bulky shape. Begin by sitting with a weight in each hand, keeping your arms relaxed by your side. Your palms should face the back. Bend your elbows and rotate your arms so that the dumbbells are brought at shoulder level and your palms now face the front. Pause for a couple of seconds before lowering down the weight. Strive for 12 repetitions on each arm and work your way to heavier weights for ten repetitions of three sets.


2. Dips can work the chest, triceps and shoulders. Choose a chair or bench and sit at the edge of it. Bend your knees slightly and put your feet on the floor. Keeping your shoulder blades down and drawn together, let your fingers face forward. Gradually bend your arms as you lower your body. When it hits a right angle with your body, straighten and repeat the motions.

3. Do shoulder presses. Deltoids, chest, triceps and the upper back are exercised with shoulder presses. On a chair or bench, sit with your back straight, holding a weight in each hand. Put your arms over your head. As soon as they are straight, rotate them, letting the palms face forward. As your arms reach up at the sides, your shoulder blades should reach down. Lower and repeat.

4. To work your triceps and your upper back, stand beside a bench, keeping your right knee on it. With a weight in your left hand and your body parallel to the floor, begin the exercise. Your upper arm must be still as you straighten your lower arm and bring the dumbbell past the thigh. Bring the arm downwards perpendicular to the floor. Lengthen it again, keeping it straight this time and taking it slightly beyond the line of the body. Bend elbow to the way it was at the beginning of the exercise. Repeat the motions. Change sides and do the exercise again.


There are many other exercises that strengthen your arms. You can engage in cardio kickboxing since the punches give the arms a great workout. Rowing in the rowing machines also gives other immense benefits aside from giving you a good cardiovascular workout, it is also a great arm exercise since it develops the shoulder muscles. For those who prefer swimming, the backstroke and the crawl strengthen your arms as well.

Strive to do your arm toning and strengthening workouts for two to three times a week for best results.

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