Exercises: Always Get Moving!

Exercises: Always Get Moving! – Exercise is good for you and should also be fun but there are simple steps you can make to build exercise into your daily lifestyle. For example, if you only have a short journey to work, consider cycling or walking some clays rather than driving or using public transport.

At work

Those who are employed in office jobs and spend all day sitting at a desk are more prone to the development of cellulite due to an overall sluggish circulation, especially in the buttocks and thigh areas. Try to get up every hour or so and have a walk around, even if it’s just a visit to the loo!

And at lunchtime, make sure you go out for walk.


– If you work in an office with several floors, always take the stairs rather than the lift. There are also many ways of including exercise into your journey to work.

– If you only have a short journey, consider cycling or walking some days rather than driving.

– If you travel by bus, alight a stop or two early and walk the extra distance instead.


– If you leave the car in a car park, park it at the far end so as to walk a little further to your destination.

– If you use an underground station, take the stairs rather than the escalator or at least walk up the escalator, rather than just standing in line while you’re carried to the top.

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