Drinks That Help You To Lose Weight

Drinks That Help You To Lose Weight – When you want to lose weight but you don’t have time for exercise. In this kind of situation you can still lose weight by controlling what you eat and what you drink in your daily routines. A healthy diet can be maintained by eating healthy food daily.

It’s not possible for anybody to lose weight by not monitoring drinks that he is taking. If you take too much of soda or alcohol on daily basis there more chances that you will put on weight. You can easily lose weight by including these drinks in your daily routines. Include a few healthy weight loss drinks in your diet and you can shed your weight without much effort with the help of healthy diet.

1. Water. As all of us know water does not have any calories in it so you can drink it as much as you can. It also improves your metabolism, which helps you to lose weight. To lose weight more efficiently you can drink ice-cold water. Your body will burn extra calories when you are drinking ice-cold water because it has to put in extra effort to heat water to bring it in your body temperatures. If you were able to add 2-3 glasses of ice-cold water you would be able to lose ½ kg of weight.


2. Fat-free milk is rich in calcium and other nutrients, which provides you energy for your daily routine work as well it helps in burning calories as it also strengthens your bones. If you are able to add milk in your diet you would be able to fasten your calories burning cycle. Some studies say’s you will be able to lose weight 40% more then the people who does not drink milk daily.

3. Vegetables juices like carrot, bitter gourd helps you in lose weight as well maintain healthy lifestyle as they have less then 20 cal in 100 ml glass as well they are filled with nutrients. Vegetable juice also improves your immunity, as they are fiber rich. It is as able meal replacement drink, which has sufficient no. of nutrients that should be present in a single meal.


4. Green tea is taken without milk so it does not have calories from milk in it as green tea improves your immune system and gives you boost for burning calories for weight Loss. Some studies show’s you would be able to burn 40% more fat when you drink 2 cups of green tea daily.

5. Protein is an excellent nutrient to have when you want to lose weight. As protein can be taken from protein rich foods like poultry animals, seafood and as well soya food or you can take protein shakes. Protein helps you in developing lean muscles, which helps you in loosing weight. It also suppresses your hunger and carving for foods.


6. Fresh coconut water has less then 50 calories per 100 ml. Coconut water is rich in nutrients which gives you energy while working out .It also helps in digestion due to presence of dietary fiber in it. It is a complete summer drink, which is always better then any other energy drink available.

7. Orange juice is a nutrient rich low calorie weight loss drink. 100 ml of this juice drink has only mere 47 calories. It does not only provide rich supply of Vitamin C to our body but is also a filling food. Citrus fruits like orange have many health established benefits that helps burn extra body fat, an easy method for weight loss.


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