Diet Against Heartburn And Stomachache

Diet Against Heartburn And Stomachache – If you suffer from stomachache and difficult digestions during pregnancy, do not worry, it is very frequent, specially over the last weeks of gestation. Here we share with you 15 tips and diet tips so you can get along and reduce this typical bothers of pregnancy.

Try to eat several times a day, but in little amounts, to avoid gastric distensions. Have breakfast, snack, lunch, another snack, dinner and something light before going to bed.

Before getting up of bed, eat some yogurt or crackers, the ideal is to have something solid or cold to eat.


Avoid foods with species and sodas.

Do not drink coffee, alcohol or tobacco neither.

Drink milk, yogurt and any milk derivative.

Eat some mint candies, they may give you a positive effect at the time to get your heartburn better.


In some cases, it is useful to drink an acid beverage, such as orange juice.

Avoid drinking too much liquid at once, because it could produce heartburn and stomach inflammation.

Sleep with the headboard of the bed a little elevated from the rest of the body.

Try to eat with your back straight and lying on the back of the chair.

Do not go to bed immediately after eating. Wait, at least, an hour before going to bed.

Check out your drugs. Avoid aspirins, because they have an ingredient that hurts the stomach. It is better to take acetominophen.

Eat frequently. Many studies have observed that people who eat slowly and frequently reduced meals, in a quiet environment, they can overcome heartburn.

Avoid sugar and chocolate. They can cause stomach irritation and reflux.

Do not eat before going to bed. It is better to eat three hours before going to bed.



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