Detoxification On A Daily Basis

Detoxification On A Daily Basis – You possess an innate capacity to heal. This capacity thrives on fresh air, sunlight, love, community and the rich nutrients required by every single cell of your body. It needs help though. It wants you to stop exposing yourself to harmful toxins, including relationships, and to take the steps required to excrete these toxins and residues.

Fresh, raw, organic juices, full of nutrients and enzymes, nourish our energy-depleted cells. As their vitality increases they will kick-out toxic residues which have accumulated over years of exposure. And as our total body burden of chemicals decline our health improves.


Juices are by far the most immediate way to increase cellular health and to reach a new level of mental and physical vibrancy.

Saunas are one of several detox therapies you will learn about in our modules. Saunas are the easiest and most effective way to help your body to rid itself of stored chemicals and toxic residues from the fat cells just under the skin.

When toxic residues stored in fat cells decline your vitality will increase.


So many health issues like fatigue, weight gain, depression and immune dysfunction are related to our exposure to environmental toxins. These include herbicides and pesticides, molds, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and petroleum derivatives such as plastics.

We must not only remove them from our bodies but from our homes as well.


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