Delicious Detox Diet Recipes

Are you craving to eat delicious food? But you are afraid that it will just cause you to have an ugly figure and unhealthy body. You want to start a diet but you know in your heart that diets are consists of unpalatable menus that will just gross out your stomach. For a healthier body, detox diet is suggested. However, people mistaken that detox diet is one of the million diets that are just consists of disgusting and sickening dishes. Worry no more because we have chosen easy to prepare detoxifying recipes for your whole day meal. Mind you, it is not only healthy and refreshing but is guaranteed to be delicious and mouth-watering; leaving you satisfied and healthy.

Here are some chosen recipes for you to start with.

First is the invigorating organic fresh fruit salad. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so start your cleansing day with the freshest oomph. It is very easy to prepare. Fruits with lower pesticide content are preferred. Choose your fruits, it doesn’t matter how many kinds as long as you choose the juicy and fibrous ones. Slice it and toss it fresh and add a low-fat cream. It’s a sun shiny day breakfast.


We have also the energy packed homemade energy bars. If you are always on the go, you need a ready to eat snack that can replenish your used energy but does not give you excess fat. One best ingredient you may use in making an energy bar is the sugary dates. Dates are sweet naturally; you can remove the seed and add an almond or any type of nut that you like best. Put it in a container and carry it wherever you go.


You can also try making refreshing vegetable and fruit smoothies. Are you always craving with something sweet to drink, yet definitely less in carbohydrates? Smoothies are perfect. You can choose from wide array of fruit flavors as well as some vegetables too. It is very easy to pick a fruit or vegetable or a combination of both. Slice it, and then put it in a blender. Blend it until it is smooth, you may not add sugar because fruits have natural sugars in them. You can also make the crispy and crunchy green salad. Just pick a combination of green vegetables best eaten raw. Wash them. Make a bed of lettuce, slice some vegetables and fruits top it with a green peas dressing then eat it with much gusto.


Being in a detox diet does not mean sacrificing your palate. It’s up to you to recreate the delicious delicacies to become healthier but still retaining its sumptuous taste.

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