Caroline Wozniacki’s workout

As of 11 October 2010 (2010 -10-11)], Caroline Wozniacki is ranked World No. 1 on the WTA Tour. She has won twelve WTA singles titles and was the runner-up at the 2009 US Open. Despite losing out at the French Open, Denmark’s tennis belle, 20-year-old Caroline, happily chats to us about her introduction to the sport and the motivation behind every serve.

– ‘I started playing tennis around the age of seven. My father, who was a professional soccer player, introduced me and my brother Patrik to the sport. I remember we’d always play against each other from very early on and I hated it when I lost. I was pretty determined to beat him and get revenge. I started spending more and more time on the tennis court, trying to get better and managed to beat my Dad and Patrik. The first time I beat my Dad it felt great.’

– ‘Keeping my fitness levels up is a very crucial aspect of my game. I’m very proud of the fact that I can usually outlast any player on any given day. This is my main weapon really. I do a lot of stretching, running, sprints, stair-climbing and sometimes swimming or yoga, but my favourite cross-training workout is boxing. It improves my footwork, stamina, strength and concentration, plus it’s a lot of fun. I got punched right on the nose once, but I didn’t really mind, because it’s part of the training.’

– ‘Family is really important motivation for me – I couldn’t have got to where I have without them. My dad is my coach and he travels with me all over the world, which is such a huge help for me. He has always been my coach, and I trust his advice.’


– ‘I’m always looking for ways to improve my game, whether it is fitness, technique or tactics. The desire to get better and win fuels me and motivates me. I really like challenges because I grow as a tennis player by overcoming them.’

– ‘I don’t really change my diet between training and competing. I make sure my diet contains protein, lots of vegetables and fruit, smoothies and white meat. I try to treat my body right, so that I can rely on it in the third hour of a long match.’

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– ‘When I need to take a break I just have a few days off, without playing tennis. I like to hang out at my home in Monte Carlo or in Copenhagen with my friends. Usually at the end of each year, I take a beach vacation with my closest friends.’

Caroline’s Top Tip!

‘I take vitamin supplements to make sure my body is properly fuelled before training or matches and use Proactiv skincare ( to keep my skin clear. I always apply sunscreen too – it can get hot out there on court!’


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