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Among the large number of sports that humans have created and played, bowling is quite probably the most popular to play and longest lived. Bowling is fun, good, clean, laugh-it-up fun. Other major benefits of bowling include its easy accessibility to facilities, equipment and instruction, as well as practice, league and competitive play. It is definitely a sport that is much more popular to be played than most others. While football, baseball, and basketball are extremely popular to watch, the truth of the matter is once we are out of college, most of us are not playing these sports. However, bowling is played by kids and senior citizens alike. The best part about bowling is that it offers health benefits to those who play regularly. The health benefits of bowling can contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

Among the large number of reasons for its popularity is that bowling is a very flexible sport. It lets players use easy adjustment methods and this is one of the main reasons why a lot of adults as well as children are able to and enjoy taking part in this wonderful test of skill. Bowling is also considered to be a very good form of relaxation, can help you to socialize, help get rid of stress, and act as a stimulus for your competitive nature as a sportsman.

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Health Benefits of Bowling

1. One of the things most bowlers do, and is highly recommend, is to warm up and stretch before bowling. Just like any stretching exercise, this is great for the body. Even doing this exercise once a week is a great health benefit to you. This works joints, tendons, ligaments and muscles.

2. Bowling helps promote excellent muscle exercises. Just walking around in the bowling alley, and along the lane in the process of trying to get yourself a strike or spare, you will be doing enough exercise for the muscles in your legs to get a small workout. This exercise is something like the walking exercise which a lot of people perform and the only difference between the two is that in the case of a bowler’s a little extra weight is involved. This is because while bowling, your hands are holding the bowling ball whereas while doing the walking exercise you are carrying nothing. Further, when you are swinging your arm to throw the bowling ball, the stretching and flexing that occurs provides enough exercise for the tendons, ligaments, muscles and joints in your arms.

3. Bowling helps burn fat. As you flex your muscles with every twisting, swinging and turning motion that you perform while you are bowling you can actually find yourself burning a little bit of the excess body fat you have accumulated over the years. Depending on how much you weigh and how much effort you use, a game of bowling can burn anywhere from 170 to 300 calories.

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4. Bowling can help you to make new friends. One of the best health benefits that bowling offers is that you get to develop a lot of new relationships with other people on the bowling lanes as well as improve relationbships with the other members of your family and even your friends. There are quite a few psychologists that recommend building more friendships with dfferent people as this has been shown to improve the performance of your heart muscles and increase your longevity. If you are suffering from emotional stress then you can severely shorten your lifespan and cause harm to your body. Thus, you should build your friendships and enjoy yourself a lot.

There is of course no other way for a person to have fun and enjoy himself or herself while being able to maintain a healthy life quite like bowling. This is a sport that is not too hard on your muscles but does not let you rest for too long either. Now, just bowling once a month is probably not going to be that much of a health benefit to you. You need to bowl regularly. Joining a bowling league is a great way to make sure you are at least bowling weekly. Getting a few practices in during the week is always a good idea too, and will help you improve your bowling game.

Of course, if while at the alley you drink a pitcher of beer, eat a hot dog and nachos and cheese, you will cancel all this positive benefit out. But done right, a regular bowling regiment can contribute to an overall healthy lifestyle, and be a lot of fun too.

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