Body Contouring And Toning Exercises

Body Contouring And Toning Exercises –┬áBefore you begin any workout routine, it’s important to spend about 5 minutes or so doing some gentle warming-up exercises. This not only prepares the muscles and joints for the workout, thereby preventing any possible injury, but also increases the heart rate causing the blood to pump faster round the body. Consequently the harder the muscles work, the more beneficial the exercise will be.

Basic warm-up movements

There are lots of warm-up exercises to choose from but basically they should be a blend of rhythmic stretching so that all parts of the body are limbered up and ready to go.


SHOULDERS: To loosen up tense shoulder and neck muscles, stand with your feet slightly apart, then roll the left shoulder backward ten times. Repeat with the right shoulder, at the same time shifting your weight from the left foot to the right foot.

ARMS AND KNEES: This is a great one for overall posture. Stand up straight, stomach tucked in, then swing both arms up and then swing them down, bending the knees as you bring the arms down in a gentle smooth action. Repeat 15 times.

SlDE TO SIDE: With your feet evenly spaced apart, knees gently bent and hands firmly on the hips, very slowly lean over to one side stretching the arm out at the same time as far as you can. Return to a standing position and stretch to the other side. Repeat four stretches on each side.

WAISTING TIME: This is good for the spine and waist. With your feet slightly parted, knees gently bent, hips facing forward, raise the arms nearly to shoulder level and, taking it easy, twist the body from side to side. Do four twists each side.

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