Benefits Of Morning Shower

Benefits Of Morning Shower – Refreshing, invigorating and rejuvenating, a morning shower is just what the body needs to jump-start it into action. But when you are nearly finished, gradually turn on the cold tap allowing cold water to run over your body for one minute. This might sound  uncomfortable but that minute of cold water will: 

– tone up the skin  

– tone up the muscles  

– give the lymphatic system a jump-start.

If you don’t have a morning shower, then simply take a bath as usual and, as the water drains away, turn the cold water on, gather it in your cupped hands and splash it over your body. Better still, if you have a shower attachment that you can fit over the cold water tap,  use this to spray yourself with cold water. 



There is nothing quite like a full body massage to relieve tension, lower blood pressure and stress levels, eliminate excess fluids and toxins and give the skin an overall healthy glow. lt can be expensive going to a beauty salon, so why not bring the beauty salon to your home and do it yourself? If you have a willing partner to help you, so much the better, otherwise try giving yourself this very simple head massage, ideal for dealing with a tension headache. A five minute massage will leave you feeling totally relaxed. 

1. Begin by taking several deep breaths. 

2. Using the thumb and forefinger of each hand, very gently pinch your earlobes and massage the edges of the ears moving all the way round up to the top and pulling them slightly away from the head.


3. Now move on to massage the temples using the first two fingers of each hand.

4. Finally concentrate on the top of the head and apply firm pressure all over the scalp, almost as if you were washing your hair.


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