Avoid Falling While Riding A Bicycle

One of the many reasons why heavy people feel hesitant about riding a bike is the fear of falling. To help you minimize or completely overcome your fear, check out these tips on how to avoid falling.

1. Make sure you have the right body position. When you are sitting on the saddle, be sure you stay centered to distribute your weight evenly. Stay on the saddle in an upright position to achieve proper balance. Balance can be the single factor that can aid you avoid falling. Be sure your back is straight and your head is up. Such position can give your more comfort and better visibility.

2. If you are wobbling, tendency is you will fall. One of the common reasons of wobbling is pedaling too slowly. If you begin to wobble, just keep on pedaling at an ideal pace. The right speed in order to avoid falling is 25kph. If you ride slower than that, your bicycle will become unstable and you may fall or crash if you do not know how to control your bicycle. Pro cyclists and bicyclists, however can retain their balance even when their bicycle is stationary or when they are riding at a low speed. Such skill can take years to master.


3. Too much pressure on your bike tires is another possible cause of falling. Novice bicyclists tend to commit such big mistake. More tire pressure does not really mean you can ride faster. Make sure you put on the right pressure on your tires. It should not be too little or too much pressure. The right pressure is indicated on the side of your tire. But, if you are using a wet road, you need to reduce your pressure a little bit.

4. Before riding your bike, be sure to check it first. Your effort and time will definitely pay off. Pat the tires to check if they are tightly and properly positioned in your frame. Squeeze them to check if they are properly inflated. Make your bike stand on the ground and test your brakes. If you have brake pads, make sure they evenly touch the rim. Push your bike forward and use the brakes to check if the brakes are efficient in stopping your bicycle. Grasp your saddle to see if it is fitted properly. Make sure it does not have any side-to-side movements.


5. Make sure you use a bicycle that is appropriate for the weight and size of your body. Perhaps, the number one reason why big riders crash or fall is because they are riding a bike that is not capable of carrying and enduring too much pressure. So, you might want to consider getting a custom built bicycle. This type of bike is built to suit the specific needs of heavy riders. Stronger and thicker rims, frame, and tires; more comfortable and wider seat; and stronger pedals and cranks will definitely provide the big rider an easier, safer, and more comfortable ride. If you want to remarkably reduce your risk of falling from your bike, consider investing on a bicycle for big riders.

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