Aqua Jogger Women’s Fitness Kit

Aqua Jogger Women’s Fitness Package contents:

– Classic Buoyancy Belt- Aquajogger exclusive design helps maintain proper vertical position in the water. Ideal for average waisted women and lighter weighted men
– DeltBells- One pair of water dumbbells for upper body resistance exercises
– AquaRunners RX- One pair of footgear for leg resistance (one size fits all)

– Water Workout Guide- A series of exercises that will show you how to benefit from all the components of this package
– 23 minute “Getting Started” DVD
– This product is not returnable once it has been used in the water.


Here’s some quick facts about the exercise:

  • pool jogging improves your cardiovascular fitness
  • it lowers your blood pressure
  • it lowers your cholesterol
  • it raises your energy levels
  • it helps you lose body fat.


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