A Guide To Roller Skating

A Guide To Roller Skating – Roller skating is popular around the world, but with the right tools, it’s easy to stand out from the crowd and proudly display your personality. If you More »

How to Prevent Knee Injuries when Working Out

Knee injuries can be sudden and acute, such as knee ligament sprains. Or you may have a chronic knee injury such bursitis or knee tendonitis. Either way, you’ll want to avoid them. More »


Boxing has been a popular choice for people who wanted to workout and tone their body. This sport involves overall workout starting from the arms down to the feet. It also generally More »

Training For Marathon Running

Training for marathon running is never a simple or easy thing to do. It requires a sort of mental focus and physicality that not everyone is capable of. The kind of training More »

Health Benefits Of Latin Dance Classes

Physicians recommend that both adults and children receive at least 150 minutes of physical exercise every week. Why spend this time in boring activities when you could spend it doing something you More »


Making A Healthy Pumpkin Puree

Making A Healthy Pumpkin Puree

Making A Healthy Pumpkin Puree – Each year, eighty percent of the pumpkins grown in the USA are harvested in October. Commercially canned puree is probably the most familiar edible form of this popular fall season produce, however the mild, slightly sweet flesh of fresh pumpkin makes an excellent dish when baked, boiled, sauteed, steamed or microwaved. The pumpkin seeds, as well, may be toasted to create a marvelously tasty and healthy snack.

In this article you’ll learn about the process of selecting the proper cooking pumpkin and the technique for preparing homemade pumpkin puree.

Replacing Meat With Pulses And Beans

Replacing Meat With Pulses And Beans

Replacing Meat With Pulses And Beans – Replacing some meat or meat products, or extending meat dishes with  pulses, nuts or seeds, are good ideas. Vegetarians, in particular, should eat at least 30g (1oz) pulses per day. Pulses are fantastically versatile, low in fat, high in protein and fiber. Yet most people don’t eat enough of them. Combined with cereal products (like bread or pasta) and grains (rice, couscous, etc), beans provide amino acids (the building blocks of protein) in the right proportions to make them an excellent vegetarian protein alternative to meat.

Low-Calorie Indian Food

Low-Calorie Indian Food

1. Sprouts salad: Sprouts are good for the body. To a dish of sprout, add a dash of lime and a pinch of spice to make it palatable. If you consume 100 grams of sprout salad, you ingest 93 calories of energy.

2. Ragi Dosa: It is a popular South Indian dish. This delicious food is made from Ragi (type of grain popularly known as Finger Millet or Nachni). Despite this, it is one of the best delicacies among dosa varieties available in South India. You consume energy of 87 calories when you eat one dosa.