The Effects Of Aerobic Exercises

The Effects Of Aerobic Exercises – Aerobics refer to a variety of exercises that stimulate heart and lung activity for a time period sufficiently long to produce beneficial changes in the body. Running, More »

Racquetball Is Good For Weight Loss

Racquetball Is Good For Weight Loss – The only way to maintain a healthy weight is to burn more calories than we take in. Although the evidence clearly supports this fact, it doesn’t More »

A Guide To Roller Skating

A Guide To Roller Skating – Roller skating is popular around the world, but with the right tools, it’s easy to stand out from the crowd and proudly display your personality. If you More »

How to Prevent Knee Injuries when Working Out

Knee injuries can be sudden and acute, such as knee ligament sprains. Or you may have a chronic knee injury such bursitis or knee tendonitis. Either way, you’ll want to avoid them. More »


Boxing has been a popular choice for people who wanted to workout and tone their body. This sport involves overall workout starting from the arms down to the feet. It also generally More »


A Healthy Day In Your Heart’s Life

A Healthy Day In Your Heart’s Life

If you want to lose weight, exercise more, stress-out less, and live an all-around heart-healthier lifestyle, we have some suggestions you can use throughout the day.

Wake up and walk. Set your alarm to go off 10 minutes early. Throw on some sweats and enjoy a brisk 10-minute walk before breakfast.

Sit down to breakfast. Studies have shown that people who eat breakfast are less likely to struggle with obesity and diabetes than those who skip or skimp. If you’re overweight, just a 10% weight loss can prompt improvements in cholesterol levels and blood pressure, says Sarah Mohrman, RD, a cardiology dietitian with Fort Wayne Cardiology. She suggests these heart-smart choices:

Inner Thighs Exercise: Inner-Thigh Slimmer

Inner Thighs Exercise: Inner-Thigh Slimmer

This inner-thigh slimmer uses an exercise band for resistance to tighten and tone this troublesome area. Don’t think the band is doing all the work though–be sure to squeeze your leg muscles as you push the band diagonally across your body, about six inches off the floor. Inner-thigh strength is important, and not just for appearance sake. If you enjoy–or have always wanted to try–ice skating or roller blading, strong inner thighs will come in handy…

The Best Sports Bras

The Best Sports Bras

A sports bra should perform like the perfect boyfriend: hug you close, get physical when you want, and provide plenty of unconditional support. This season, thanks to cutting-edge engineering, space-age fabrics, and ingenious design details, you’re bound to find the perfect match. We ran dozens of new sports bras through their paces to bring you our favorite athletic supporters.