Racquetball Is Good For Weight Loss

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A Guide To Roller Skating

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How to Prevent Knee Injuries when Working Out

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Training For Marathon Running

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Food Containing Fat

Food Containing Fat

Food Containing Fat – Although we tend to think that fat is always bad for our health, the fact is that we NEED fat for its essential fatty acids, fat-soluble vitamins and, for the very young, concentrated calories. It also makes food taste good and has a pleasant ‘mouth-feel’. However, most of us would benefit from eating less fat and making sure that most of the fat we do eat is of the unsaturated variety found in vegetable oils.

We need only a small amount of unsaturated fat each day, around 30g, to enable us to absorb fat-soluble vitamins, but we can ‘safely’ eat more than that.

Why Diets Don’t Work?

Why Diets Don’t Work?

Why Diets Don’t Work? There are some people who enjoy following the most bizarre diets. It can be an interesting pastime to survive on pineapples and baked beans, or grapefruit and boiled eggs, for a few weeks. It is a wonderful conversation topic and a great hobby! It gets rid of the pounds before a holiday, before a wedding, or before a job interview. But it’s even better to get back to your old (eating) habits! The trouble with becoming a habitual dieter is that each time you try a new diet, the weight is more difficult to lose and the amount of weight gained between diets goes up.

So, what’s going wrong?

The Best Fall Foods

The Best Fall Foods

Fall season offers a treat for your taste buds as a huge selection of seasonal vegetables and fruits fill up the stores. What’s more, a little bit of food indulgence is just what you need to beat the fall doldrums and pep up your spirits.

Treat yourself to the deep, dark colored juicy fruits and vegetables rich in nutrients and phytochemicals that will not just delight your senses but will also build your health and prepare you for winter.

Here’s a list of some of the best fall foods: