Racquetball Is Good For Weight Loss

Racquetball Is Good For Weight Loss – The only way to maintain a healthy weight is to burn more calories than we take in. Although the evidence clearly supports this fact, it doesn’t More »

A Guide To Roller Skating

A Guide To Roller Skating – Roller skating is popular around the world, but with the right tools, it’s easy to stand out from the crowd and proudly display your personality. If you More »

How to Prevent Knee Injuries when Working Out

Knee injuries can be sudden and acute, such as knee ligament sprains. Or you may have a chronic knee injury such bursitis or knee tendonitis. Either way, you’ll want to avoid them. More »


Boxing has been a popular choice for people who wanted to workout and tone their body. This sport involves overall workout starting from the arms down to the feet. It also generally More »

Training For Marathon Running

Training for marathon running is never a simple or easy thing to do. It requires a sort of mental focus and physicality that not everyone is capable of. The kind of training More »


Turmeric Health Benefits

Turmeric Health Benefits

Turmeric Health Benefits – Turmeric is a ginger plant which offers many great health benefits due to its primary ingredient, curcumin. Curcumin is an anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory which provides all the wonderful health benefits that people get from turmeric. Turmeric helps to speed up the movement of bile, a key part of the breakdown process of fat. Taking turmeric can help to reduce weight.

Inflammation causes all sorts of problems for people suffering from arthritis. Turmeric’s anti-inflammatory properties help to ease the suffering of people enduring arthritis. Although turmeric does help, people who have arthritis should by no means stop taking any prescribed medication for arthritis.

Natural Weight Loss Drinks

Natural Weight Loss Drinks

Natural Weight Loss Drinks – With all the different diets and foods that claim to help you lose weight, how do you really know if you are getting enough nutrition? Nutrition and weight loss are a tricky combination, you have to make sure that what you take in will give your body the right vitamins and minerals it needs while not giving it calories and such. Drinks are of the same dilemma. Our bodies need liquid to survive and there are certain drinks that one cannot take in when trying to lose weight. There are on the other hand, good drinks – healthy and naturally helps our bodies lose weight. Which drinks are these?

Eating Healthily Over Easter Holiday

Eating Healthily Over Easter Holiday

Eating Healthily Over Easter Holiday – Easter is both a great religious and social festival. Even so, almost cultures that celebrate Easter have a tradition that involves eating rich and indulgent food, such as those classic Easter eggs, various types of chocolates and special spiced cakes such as Hot Cross Buns.

From a dieting viewpoint though, these foodstuffs are something of a disaster. High in calories and in some cases at least, low in nutritional value, they are normally things to avoid if you are trying to lose or control your weight.