Racquetball Is Good For Weight Loss

Racquetball Is Good For Weight Loss – The only way to maintain a healthy weight is to burn more calories than we take in. Although the evidence clearly supports this fact, it doesn’t More »

A Guide To Roller Skating

A Guide To Roller Skating – Roller skating is popular around the world, but with the right tools, it’s easy to stand out from the crowd and proudly display your personality. If you More »

How to Prevent Knee Injuries when Working Out

Knee injuries can be sudden and acute, such as knee ligament sprains. Or you may have a chronic knee injury such bursitis or knee tendonitis. Either way, you’ll want to avoid them. More »


Boxing has been a popular choice for people who wanted to workout and tone their body. This sport involves overall workout starting from the arms down to the feet. It also generally More »

Training For Marathon Running

Training for marathon running is never a simple or easy thing to do. It requires a sort of mental focus and physicality that not everyone is capable of. The kind of training More »


Garlic In Your Diet

Garlic In Your Diet

Garlic In Your Diet – Garlic, an essential ingredient in many cuisines, not only enhances the flavor of many dishes but also provides a host of well documented health benefits as well. Touted as a ‘nature’s wonder drug’, nature’s antibiotic, nature’s penicillin, it can be easily incorporated into your daily diet either raw or cooked with meals or as health supplements. A daily dose of garlic is a great natural remedy to improve your health. Being pungent in flavor and warm in nature makes it especially good as a spring, fall, and winter diet supplement. Crushing garlic releases allicin, the main active medicinal sulfur compound of garlic.

Benefits Of Using A Steam Room

Benefits Of Using A Steam Room

Benefits Of Using A Steam Room – Steam baths have in fact been popular for at least a couple of thousand years. Both the ancient Greeks and the Romans were very fond of taking steam baths, which in those days were fed by natural hot springs; and more recently – though still hundreds of years ago – Turkish and Russian baths started to become popular.

But why use a steam room? Are there really any benefits? Actually, yes – there are many; here are just five of them.

Health Benefits Of Eating Eggs

Health Benefits Of Eating Eggs

Health Benefits Of Eating Eggs – Have you ever wondered what are the health benefits of eggs? Some people eat them every day without even thinking about all the good things have eggs to offer. Most people just know about the protein and the cholesterol that eggs contain and don’t know about the many other ingredients and qualities of eggs. Well, this article will reveal the many health benefits of eggs and why you should include them in your diet.